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17th May 2024

Friday Features Live - Finding Your 'Whys' During Global Chaos

Finding Your "Whys" During Global Chaos

With the world seeming more chaotic and uncertain by the day, it's easy to feel lost, overwhelmed or directionless. Global crises can shake our sense of purpose and make it hard to maintain motivation.

However, challenging times like these are precisely when having clearly defined "whys" becomes most essential. Your core motivations and purposes provide a steadying force and reminder of what truly matters.

In my latest video, I provide an exercise for pinpointing your "whys" from multiple levels:

  • The Big Picture "Why" - Your life's greater purpose and legacy
  • The Career "Why" - Your professional driving forces
  • The Role "Why" - What energizes you about your day-to-day work
  • The Project "Why" - Your reasons behind key goals
  • The Personal "Why" - What grounds you outside of work
  • The Daily "Why" - Your inspiration for embracing each new day

Defining your "whys" across all these areas creates cohesive clarity for pushing forward, even amid global turbulence.

When the world feels chaotic, it's natural to get caught up in fear, reactivity and just trying to make it through each day. But if you've clearly articulated your "whys," you have a powerful motivational foundation to reorient yourself.

You can revisit your "whys" and remind yourself:

"This is the positive impact I want to make..."

"These are the reasons my work matters, despite the chaos..."

"This is what I'm working toward and why it's important..."

"This is what energizes me and provides stability..."

Having this clarity amidst the uncertainty keeps you driven by deeper purposes that transcend temporary crises.

Your "whys" provide a steadying force and sense of direction.

Global chaos is, unfortunately, something we can't always control. But we can control how we respond to it. Defining your "whys" allows you to persist and push forward with intention, rather than just reacting to circumstances.

It's a mindset shift, but a powerful one. When you live by clearly defined "whys," you develop resilience, grit and a refusal to let uncertainty derail you from your greater purposes.

So if you're feeling lost or shaken by global events, I encourage you to watch the full video. Get clear on your "whys" - they will be your anchor for navigating any storm.

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