Episode 61

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1st Apr 2024

Episode 61 - Choosing a Triumphant Life!

In this weeks Episode, Heather explores the choices we have in all aspects of our lives and introduces two simple, yet powerful exercises you can use to empower yourself, even in the darkest times. Choose a triumphant life!

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Hello and welcome to this week's Choosing Happy podcast.


It's episode 61 and in this episode I take a look at your choices around choosing happy, around looking at failures or successes, lessons or triumphs.


All this and more in this week's Choosing Happy podcast.


Hello and welcome to the Choosing Happy podcast.


I'm Heather Masters and this is episode 61 and it's going to be a short episode but it's a fantastic exercise.


I think we're in unique times at the moment and one of the things that I'm doing is creating a resource stack so that when things go wrong in my life or


I feel a little bit down I have resources that I can look back on that I can maybe read something that I've done or an exercise I can do to help me move forward and today is one of those exercises it's actually two exercises one of really covered a bit before but I think it's really a fantastic exercise and one that


Deserves repeating if you haven't listened to it on the podcast before as well it'll kind of be the first time and it's a it's a really really good exercise to have in your resources box especially as things are a little bit crazy in the world and are probably likely to to get a little bit crazier and on that point


I'm a coach.


I'm a life coach, a business coach.


I've spent many, many years working with mindset, with spirituality, with intuition, with neurology, with understanding your unconscious mind.


and I'm only putting it out there because I think we're about to go through some some rough and surprising times and if anyone would like a one-off session just because you know they're struggling then please do email me or click on the link that's in the show notes for the one-off coaching sessions um


I really do realize that things are going to get a bit wild and I think part of my purpose of being here right now is to help others through it especially if you are unaware of of all of the threads that lead to where we are at the moment so having said that let's get on with this episode


I have been working through some additional marketing and this is an exercise that came up from a Ray Edwards course that I've been doing and I just think it is such a fabulous exercise that we could all do with doing.


The idea is to take a sheet of paper and on that one page of paper


go through the whole of your life and list down your mistakes your failures way the most terrible things that have happened to you your kind of darkest times and just list them all down if it takes more than one piece of paper turn it over but take the time to really reflect and go through and list out


all of those things that you kind of maybe bring up as a story of why you can't do something or something that shaped your life and maybe it's been a dark time a dark period in your life and things have gone wrong so take the time to do that give yourself 15-20 minutes and list as much as you can


and then once you've done that take another page another clean sheet of paper and list out everything that has been fabulous in your life every success every celebration every


real good moments where you've just felt absolutely wonderful that things have gone really well that some things that you have achieved that you never thought you would achieve is that all of those achievements good moments celebrations and take 15 to 20 minutes to go through your whole life and do that from childhood all the way through to now


and once you've done that just have a look at both of those sheets of paper you have one page of a story that's dark and has all of your struggles on and you have another page where you've triumphed where you've celebrated where you've overcome and achieved


and it's up to you to choose every day which one of those you're going to focus on which one is true for you pretty much like choosing happy you know the the idea of the podcast is that we do have a choice there are moments where we're naturally human we react rather than respond we get thrown into the moments emotionally


and we have a choice to come out of that to step back and become the observer allow the negative emotions to flow through us rather than attaching to them and holding on to them and letting them impact our now moment and our future it's like forgiveness forgiveness is about forgiving someone


So that you can move on, so that you're releasing all of the anger and the resentment that's eating you up inside.


That isn't really affecting that as a person.


It's about freeing you and it's about forgiving.


It doesn't mean you condone what happened.


It doesn't mean that if you forgive you have to spend that time with that person again.


That's not what it's about, but it's about moving on.


It's about releasing all of the negative energy


Revengeful anger that you have around that situation or that person and the same thing is with happiness we have a choice how we


respond to events in our lives and we can choose whether we take lessons whether we can take the attitude that the universe is working for us that the creator is working for us so if something has hasn't worked out how we had hoped then we have the choice to look and say well what am i learning here is there something better for me


What am I not seeing yet?


And letting go of any expectation, any attachment and just allowing the lesson to come forward.


Quite often that lesson will come forward and we'll see that what we thought was for us wasn't actually for us.


It wasn't the best outcome.


that was a bigger plan that we don't know about and I think one of the things especially for me that I'm choosing is to get used to living with the unknown I love a plan I love to know what's happening I love to control as much as I can my future


Yet in doing that, I often limit my options, my opportunities.


I put the blinkers on because I can only see the ways that I am aware of when the universe can produce miracles and so much more.


In the coming weeks I think they're going to be a few shake-ups around the world and being able to step back, being able to be the observer, being able to control our emotions rather than allowing our emotions to control us will make such a difference and letting go of fear


A lot of what's happening around the world can catch us in fear, can hold us in fear and where fear is love can't exist.


and it's about working with things like HeartMath Solution to get into your heart to sit in love to know that everything is perfect no matter how imperfect it looks outside of us now I'm not saying that any of this is easy it's practice and I personally believe it's a practice that


really needs embracing now on this planet as we go forward the more of us that tune in to love the bigger the change will be affected around the world and everyone every person that tunes in and decides to live from that love from that


that approach of do no harm of respecting nature of raising your vibration and your consciousness every person has a huge impact on the collective in my opinion


and as I say it's okay to be human it's okay to feel everything it's okay to have a down moment and it's okay


to be vulnerable.


Sometimes there's strength in vulnerability but there's a difference between vulnerability and wallowing.


There's a difference between acknowledging that okay you may not have the answer in this moment and you may have made a mistake but isn't the mistake a lesson and that's different from


sitting in your victim mindset and thinking that this has all been done to you I think it's a huge time


a huge opportunity to really step into truth and to take responsibility for ourselves as we move forward and as I say I know that my biggest struggle is with my very chattery mind and my very chattery negativity sometimes


and being able to rein that in and to choose whether I focus on that life is working for me and what's the lesson


or this is all bad and it's all you know nothing's working out and as life becomes more challenging I think we're being challenged to step into focusing on that positive side and that's what the next exercise is about that when you have a what you think is a problem or when you're approaching an opportunity or a choice to


right an a-list and on that a-list is all the reasons you shouldn't choose that option all the reasons that something is a problem that something won't work out


and then once you've exhausted that list and you have all of those things there and for me it's really easy to do the A list then do the B list which is all the reasons you wanted to do it in the first place all the why you can do it why


it will work out how you can create solutions all of the resources you have that make this the perfect choice for you and list that as your b-list


And your A list is your ego and victim mentality.


Your B list is your greatness, your knowing, your power beyond the egoic mind.


and then it's up to you you you can choose where to put your focus you can choose what your actions are your next step based on which side you choose the a list or the b list


one of the things that I'm learning and as I say this is something I struggle with because I like to control I like to know what's happening is that you only ever know need to know the next step the next smallest step it might seem small but it can be a huge impactful step for your life and for reaching that next solution


and there are times where doing nothing works as well and you know it's about tuning into your intuition into your gut and realizing that you need you have the answer when you need to know the answer it's the sitting with the tension as William White Cloud says


it's sitting with that creative tension knowing that you're creating something and not seeing it yet but sitting in that space of knowing it's going to show up and it's going to show up at the right time and that's something you don't particularly have control over


I hope this has been helpful today as I say it's a shorter one but it doesn't mean it's any less powerful and I really believe these exercises are very very helpful and the A and B list in particular you can apply to relationships you can apply to whether you're buying a car whether you're going on a course whether you're if you're feeling fearful about a job and you're putting in all of the excuses about why you can't


Get This Job So You Don't Even Apply and I think that's one of the real important things that I notice in myself and I notice with others around me is that when an opportunity presents itself it's easy to come up with that A-list of all of the reasons that this opportunity won't work or all of the reasons you can't do something


and just taking that five minutes to say okay I'm coming up with all of these reasons and write it down that's my a-list and now let's have a look at the b-list let's look at all of the reasons I can do it it will work it's right for me then tuning in with your intuition and choosing that first action depending on which choice you go with


I do hope this is helpful as I say I'm available for coaching I do have a special offer this week alone for quarter two strategy session so if you're in business or you're just wanting to plan quarter two and you want some help and getting some clarity cutting down on the overwhelm and really getting focused and getting results this year


the link is in the show notes just click on the link and book a session with me but it's only available this week have an amazing week and thank you for listening today


Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this week's episode.


If you enjoyed it or think it would be valuable to others, please do share.


And if you really enjoyed it, please leave me a review.


It really helps the podcast.


All of the links are in the show notes and I look forward to seeing you next week on the Choosing Happy podcast.

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