Episode 51

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18th Dec 2023

Episode 51 - Choosing Happy - Interview with Fifi Mason - The Introverts Coach

This weeks Choosing Happy Podcast interview is with Fifi Mason – a beautiful soul, Entrepreneur and guardian of us introverts. She is the Introvert's Impact Coach and is a personal brand invisibility coach. Her mission and purpose is to help individuals with quieter voices show up authentically, amplify their impact, and create the change they wish to see in the world. 

What a powerful and insightful chat we had.  

Interview: Self-Silencing Fears and the Journey to Authenticity with Fifi Mason

In this episode of the Choosing Happy Podcast, Heather engages in an enlightening conversation with Fifi Mason, the Introvert's Impact Coach. 

Fifi discusses her personal journey from freelancing in brand design to becoming a personal brand invisibility coach. 

After facing several challenges, particularly difficult clients, Fifi decided to revamp her business and work chiefly with quiet coaches and introverted impact makers. 

She offers deep insights into self-silencing, presenting five key reasons why individuals might hold back their thoughts or opinions. These include worrying about how others will react, feeling one's ideas are insignificant, fearing not being able to defend one's ideas, and feeling inadequate or not having the right to express one's ideas. 

 Fifi highlights the importance of authenticity, self-worth, and the inner belief in one's thoughts and ideas. 

This inspiring conversation also emphasizes that overcoming self-silencing is a continuous journey, with Fifi providing various tools that she detailed more comprehensively in her book, 'Stop Self Silencing'.

About Fifi:

Fifi Mason is a Personal Brand & Visibility Coach, her mission and purpose is to help individuals with quieter voices show up authentically, amplify their impact and create the change they wish to see in the world.

Fifi's Links:

@thefifimason on Instagram

Fifi's Facebook group

Fifi on YouTube

Fifi's Website



00:00 Introduction and Guest Introduction

00:40 Guest's Journey to Becoming an Introvert's Coach

01:21 Challenges Faced and the Journey of Self-Discovery

03:06 The Process of Building a Personal Brand

06:36 The Impact of Coaching and Self-Learning

08:45 The Evolution of the Guest's Clientele

09:42 The Challenges of Being a Solo Entrepreneur

10:27 Understanding the Stages of Becoming Known

11:28 The Concept of Self Silencing

13:59 The Impact of Self Silencing on Personal Branding

14:08 The Five Most Common Forms of Self Silencing

29:01 The Significance of Thoughts and Ideas

32:22 Understanding the Journey to Mastery

34:17 The Impact of Mindset on Success

35:11 Defending Your Ideas in the Age of Cancel Culture

38:47 The Fear of Conflict and Its Impact on Self-Expression

43:27 The Struggle with Imposter Syndrome and Self-Worth

49:37 The Power of Showing Up and Making an Impact

54:07 The Journey of Self-Expression and Overcoming Self-Silencing

59:57 Final Thoughts on Authenticity, Belief, Balance, and Belonging

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Heather Masters

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