Episode 39

Published on:

25th Sep 2023

Episode 39 - Interview With Zoe Jasko

In this weeks episode of the Choosing Happy podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with Author, Singer and Performer Zoe Jasko. Zoe has published two books with a third on the way. She's also a mother of four. And she has so much to share with us.

Embracing Creativity: An Interview with Zoe Jesco

This weeks episode features singer, performer, and author, Zoe Jesco as she shares her unique insights on balancing a portfolio career. During the conversation, Zoe delves into her journey, from her work in Disney and the civil service, to her passion for singing and performing. She discusses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it became an opportunity for her to pivot and manifest her love for writing. Through sharing anecdotes about her writing process and challenges faced, Zoe inspires listeners on perseverance, resilience, and the ability to find happiness along the journey of creativity and self-exploration.

00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation

01:13 Zoe's Journey as a Singer and Performer

03:20 The Birth of Felici Opera

03:48 Zoe's Career Shifts and Challenges

04:38 The Creation of an Opera Company

06:43 The Impact of the Pandemic on Zoe's Career

07:29 Transition into Writing

08:14 The Inspiration Behind Zoe's Stories

09:04 The Publishing Journey

11:58 The Role of Marketing in Book Publishing

13:55 The Historical Background of Zoe's Second Book

01:04 The Research Process for Historical Fiction

17:58 Upcoming Book Release and Future Projects

19:47 Balancing Writing with Other Responsibilities

21:18 Overcoming Challenges and Finding Happiness

33:25 Advice for Aspiring Authors

She describes what brought her to writing, shares her singing career and how she co-founded an Opera Company. Her journey covers many aspects and there is something here for everyone.

For authors who struggle with writer block, finding a process that works and marketing their work this will be a valuable listen for you.

About Zoe Jasko :

Zoe Jasko is an author, singer and performer. Her books - a collection of short stories 'What the Wind Saw' (2022), her debut novel 'Hope is Daffodil Bright' (2023) and a second collection of stories 'The portraits on the wall' (2024) are published by the independent publisher 'The Endless Bookcase'. She is also co-founder and creative director of Felici Opera. She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband and four children.

Zoe's Facebook page

@zoe.jasko on Instagram

Zoe's Website

And you can find her books on Amazon.

I do hope you find this episode useful. Please share if you think someone you know would benefit from Zoe's story. Please leave a review if you enjoyed it.


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