Episode 52

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25th Dec 2023

Choosing Happy: Finding Authenticity and Success in Therapy, interview with Samantha Dawkins

Merry Christmas!

Wishing the best of everything for the holidays and have a very blessed day!

Thank you for joining me at this special time.

This weeks Choosing Happy Podcast interview is just as special and I am sure it's one you'll enjoy. I got to chat with Samantha Dawkins - who is a social media manager, coach, mental health advocate as well as being very, very knowledgeable and heart-centered.

I loved talking with her and I hope you will enjoy the conversation as much as I did!  

Choosing Happy: Finding Authenticity and Success in Therapy, interview with Samantha Dawkins

In this episode of the Choosing Happy podcast, host Heather Masters interviews therapist and mental health advocate, Samantha Dawkins, who shares her professional journey from working as an executive assistant in the corporate world to finding happiness in helping therapists succeed through online presence.

Samantha discusses the importance of understanding one's ideal clients, translating business goals into effective social media strategies, and embracing authenticity for more impactful connections. Furthermore, she also provides valuable insights into overcoming mental health challenges, mindset roadblocks, and the fear of online visibility, as well as emphasizes the significance of pricing your services fairly and investing in your business.

About Samantha:

Samantha is a social media manager, coach, support worker and passionate mental health advocate who specialises in helping therapists show up authentically and with confidence online.

Samantha's Links:

Samantha's Facebook group

Samantha's Facebook page

@koala.va on Instagram

Samantha's Website


00:00 Introduction and Christmas Greetings

00:19 Introducing the Guest: Samantha Dawkins

01:36 Samantha's Journey to Finding Happiness

02:00 Transition from Corporate World to Entrepreneurship

03:37 Choosing Mental Health as a Niche

05:01 Overcoming Mental Blocks in Showing Up Online

07:26 Tips for Overcoming Fear of Visibility

11:45 Overcoming Perfectionism and Embracing Mistakes

14:06 Dealing with Negative Internal Chatter

20:04 The Importance of Authenticity in Online Presence

22:30 Growing Visibility on Social Media

30:05 Overcoming Financial Mindset Blocks

31:52 The Importance of Sales and Pricing in Business

33:08 The Importance of Financial Growth in Therapy Business

33:34 The Struggle of Therapists with Pricing

34:21 The Impact of Pricing on Client Commitment

34:51 The Influence of Pricing on Client Type

36:11 Avoiding Price Competition and Valuing Your Services

37:10 The Value of Personal Service in Business

38:01 The Importance of Not Competing on Price

39:57 The Role of Social Media in Business Growth

43:33 The Importance of Building an Email List

47:27 The Risks of Relying Solely on Social Media

49:35 The Importance of Setting Business Goals

51:46 The Role of Content Pillars in Social Media Strategy

55:21 Tips for Starting Out as an Entrepreneur

58:29 Finding Happiness in Your Work

59:25 How to Contact Samantha

01:00:21 Conclusion and Final Remarks

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Heather Masters

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