Episode 65

Published on:

8th May 2024

Agency and Happiness - How to Get It and Why It Matters

Agency and Happiness - How to Get It and Why It Matters

In this episode, we explore the concept of agency - the ability to influence your life

circumstances through your choices and actions. We discuss:

• What agency really means and why it's so crucial for happiness and well-being

• The strong link between having agency and experiencing greater life satisfaction,

resilience, and mental health

• Practical strategies for cultivating more agency in your daily life

Key Takeaways:

Defining agency - Having a sense of control, autonomy and self-determination over your

life path. Not feeling like a passive bystander.

The research connecting high agency to happiness - Studies show people with agency report higher life satisfaction and lower stress/depression.

Life Fulfilment and Relationships - How agency benefits your overall life and relationships

Making mindful choices - Aligning decisions with values/priorities enhances agency.

Agency and Work - The positive effects of cultivating agency for you and your business.

The importance of self-care for agency - Prioritizing your well-being is an act of


Seeking support doesn't diminish agency - Building a supportive network provides

guidance and resources.

Reflecting on progress reinforces your sense of control - Celebrate achievements and

acknowledge growth.


"Agency is about believing in your ability to create positive change in your


"A lack of agency can lead to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness."

"Approach choices mindfully, considering potential consequences and aligning with your

authentic self."

Resources Used for this Episode:

• Book: The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor

• Article: "The Psychology of Self-Determination" (PositivePsychology.com)

• App: Daylio (mood/gratitude journal)

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